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Warranty for CD, DVD Duplicator offers 3 years limited manufacturer warranty on our duplicators. Warranty will start at the day of your purchase. Manufacturer will provide free parts & labor on any defected parts for the first year of your ownership. After that, we will provide free labor service for inspection and assembling replacing parts for your duplicator, while customer will be responsible for the cost of parts during the second and third year of ownership. Besides, customer will be responsible for all the shipping charges. offers an extremely easy warranty procedure for our valued customers. Customers only need to contact us and let us know their registered contact information; we will be able to start the procedure. Besides, if customers do not want to delay their jobs due to sending back the whole system for warranty, we can teach our customers to take out the defective drive from the duplicator. That way, customers can save their money in shipping by sending just the defective drive instead of the whole system.

DOA should be report within 24 hours after receipt of the system, we will schedule UPS for pick up and new system will be shipped out.

  1. will offer 3 years limited manufacturer warranty for the system.
  2. All sales are final and warranty period starts from the invoice date.
  3. Customer should put the RMA number on the box.
  4. RMA will be either fixed or replaced during the warranty period.

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